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Mirrored Wills

bigstock_Nose_To_Nose_2315982.jpgA Mirrored Will is when a couple want to make almost identical Wills leaving everything to each other respectively and thereafter to the children, or where there are no children, to a named beneficiary.

They must be individual Wills, so in effect they are separate legal documents with similar content. The respective partners usually become both sole beneficiary and sole executor to each other.

When writing a Mirror Will in this way it is essential to add at least one extra executor and beneficiary to each Will to safeguard the estate in the event that both should die together. The second executor and beneficiary can be the same person in both Wills, or you may choose to have different executors.

The executors are appointed to administer the testators’ estate; they should be trusted to comply with your instruction. Your spouse may be your executor either solely or jointly. Others may be appointed as sole, joint or reserve executors. Beneficiaries can also be executors. Executors are normally also trustees.